James Bulley (BFTK#2 pp.5–22)

*This text is accompanied by a soundscape of tape recordings made by Daphne Oram during her trip to Trinidad and Tobago in 1964. The soundscape is referred to throughout the text with timecodes (0'00"), and can be listened to alongside reading, or as a separate contextual piece.

  1. 00'00" (mp3)

    ‘Greetings from Trinidad’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO283]

  2. 00'03" (mp3)

    ‘Flute and steel-drum manipulation’ (April 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO019a]

  3. 03'11" (mp3)

    ‘Cocoa Songs’ (February 1964)


  4. 09'10" (mp3)

    ‘The Eyes Have It and Come Leh We

    Go sung by Mighty Sparrow’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO286]

  5. 13'25" (mp3)

    ‘Traffic in Trinidad’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO089]

  6. 15'44" (mp3)

    ‘Tuesday at Carnival’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO283]

  7. 18'58" (mp3)

    ‘Carnival’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO285]

  8. 24'43" (mp3)

    ‘Drumming at Hindu Wedding Ceremony from

    distance’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO284]

  9. 25'30" (mp3)

    ‘Drumming at Hindu Wedding Ceremony close’

    (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO284]

  10. 31'04" (mp3)

    ‘Kiskadee’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO284]

  11. 35'45" (mp3)

    ‘Bongo and Shango manipulations’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO284]

  12. 39'07" (mp3)

    ‘Abide With Me’ (February 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO089]

  13. 41'24" (mp3)

    ‘Steel-drum manipulation’ (April 1964)

    [excerpt from ORAM/11/DO019a]